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Towards a Healthier Relationship with Food

by Liz Roseman

Food is such a loaded topic for most of us.  There are foods that are “good for us”, foods we choke down but hate eating.  Foods that we “shouldn’t eat” but go crazy for anyway.  Times that we are hungry and want to eat, but don’t because we are on a diet.  Times we aren’t [...]

Taking Your Herbs

by admin

It is my strong belief that herbs are an unparalleled way to get our bodies and spirits into better balance.  That being said, I think that how we take our herbs – our relationship with the herbal tea itself – can help this transformation happen faster (or not). I will explain by using an analogy. Imagine [...]

Our First Blog!

by admin

Hello and welcome to Sustainable Health’s very first blog!  I wanted to have a forum to share information with all of you.  Please remember that information is shared in all directions – I would love to hear your thoughts and responses to my posts. I will be sharing information and ideas such as articles on [...]