Liz Roseman is the best TCM practitioner who has ever worked for The Fertile Soul. Her compassion, insight, and enormous heart allow patients to enter into that deep space where miraculous healing occurs. Conscientious, smart, and eager to get to the heart of patient healing, Liz tirelessly treats some of the most difficult fertility cases with great precision, follow up, and care. She embodies the heart of a true healer.
- Randine Lewis, MSOM, L.Ac., Ph.D.
author of The Infertility Cure and The Way of the Fertile Soul

I emailed you back in December to let you know that after 18 months of trying to conceive and one failed IUI cycle, I was pregnant naturally after using my herbal formula prescribed by you through my phone consultation! I combined my teas with acupuncture and some nutritional supplements recommended by my local acupuncturist.
And now, I am 38 weeks pregnant, expecting our second child, a boy.  We feel so blessed that at age 44, we have been given this chance to add to our family.  And, we feel that chance was provided to us, in large part, by your help and guidance.  We can’t thank you enough.
I am asked very frequently how I came to be pregnant at 44, especially at the University Hospital where I had the IUI done.  We went back to them for genetic testing at 12 weeks, and the doctor said, “You weren’t supposed to be able to do this on your own.”   I love telling my story and will keep sharing it with anyone who needs help.
I hope all is well with you and that you continue to find success helping people like me fulfill their dreams of having a family.  What a powerful, awe-inspiring job to have!  I hope it brings you great pride.
- R.R.
I was born with chronic asthma.  My asthma was triggered by anything from stress to too much sugar to pollen to exercise.  In addition to that, I have always had troubled skin.  I first visited Liz in 2009 when I was 19.  We interviewed for a while in order for her to make a more holistic diagnosis.
After simply talking with her, I felt immediately relieved.  She has such a warm and calm presence and I felt like I had just let a lot off my chest to someone who wasn’t going to judge me or make any assumptions.
When we started the actual acupuncture, I felt some pressure, but then felt like I was floating.  I continued treatment with Liz, along with diet modifications (cutting out dairy).  Three years later, I have had little to no issues with my asthma and I owe it all to Liz!
- K.L.
I came to Liz at a Fertile Soul Retreat in Austin December of 2010 feeling wounded and fractured from years of failed fertility treatments. She met me with compassion and offered hope I had misplaced in the dark valley of depression I had found myself. With her positive and attentive approach, she frankly discussed approaches I could integrate into my daily life and herbal remedies to try. Her manner was calm and caring. Amazingly and surprisingly, my husband and I conceived naturally one month after meeting with Liz.  I am completely convinced that Liz’s light and radiance contributed to our new journey to parenthood.  The work she commits herself to is a true gift.I so value my treatments with Liz Roseman.  She has been a vibrant, radiant, intuitive, and wise conduit in my healing process. Thanks to Liz’s gift and skill, I no longer experience ringing in my ears, bloating or abdominal discomfort, or neck and shoulder pain!  These were my main complaints.  The added bonus is that I feel more peaceful and trusting than ever, my sleep has improved tremendously, as has my digestion!  Thank you, Liz!  The healing starts from the moment I step foot into her office.  Liz is one of the warmest and most accepting practitioners I have ever experienced.  I feel completely comfortable expressing all my insides with her- even parts of me that I judge or feel insecure about!  The unconditional acceptance she provides for me has influenced my inner peace and I find myself judging myself less and less with time.  Ahh, the liberation! Thank you Liz for showing me the way!!
- D.N., L.Ac.
Today we got to see the little stinker & his heart is beating (I think it is going to be a boy)!!  We even got a picture. Dr. said everything “looks good.”  We are very excited but still not telling anyone for a while yet.  This is our Christmas miracle!
It is a pleasure to work with you.  You are so in touch and compassionate.  Thank you again for all your counsel & taking your time with me.
- M.M.
I want to give you again, billions of thanks because with your unquestionable help I am without candida symptoms for three months now. Huge hugs.
- M.B.
I hope you are doing well.  I would like to let you know that the pregnancy test for M. at the clinic after the ICSI in January (based on the natural cycle IVF without using any stimulation drugs – which is becoming increasingly common in Japan) was positive and she is now pregnant in 4 weeks and 2 days. Though many cautions are required, I would like to thank you for guiding us to finally reach this stage. After the failure of the previous IVF last year, we have worked hard to address the issue of LUFS (luteinized unruptured follicle syndrome) among other issues following your advice.  While in Japan, the soul of the Fertile Soul has been always with us trying to search our own Fertile Soul.
- K.I.
I’ve lost 17 pounds since I met you! The good thing about this is I eat all the time. I’m not having cravers or anything like I have had when I was on a “diet”.I had K. order a rowing machine so I can work some more of this off. I really feel like I can work out now! I feel like a little race car all the time. Everybody at work and all my friends are so tired of hearing about HOW GOOD I FEEL………  Thank you soooooooooooooo much for your help.
I’ve been doing “the work” from the book I showed you. Then I was only reading bits and pieces of it now I’m doing the work which involves writing and inquiring about the thoughts that keep us in pain or suffering. Thank you for helping me get here for the brilliant work that you do and for holding my hand.
We had a little boy on November 18.  I ended up doing another c-section, but the surgery went extremely well and I healed quickly. His name is E.F. and he is one of the cutest, sweetest babies!!  He started nursing within about 5 minutes.  Started smiling at 4 weeks….almost no crying….sleeping through the night at 2 months.  As soon as we met him, I was overwhelmed with the sense of “what did I do to deserve you?”  (in a good sense, of course).Thank you so much for the help and support.  I KNOW my sessions and work with you made it possible.  You were  fantastic.  I cannot express enough gratitude.  Thank you for doing what you do.