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Meditation – What is it and how do I do it?

by admin

People have many misconceptions about meditation.  I’d like to shed some light on the perceived mystery.  First I will cover the logistics of making some space for quiet time, and then I will provide a few techniques that I like.  Please feel free to post some of your favorite techniques so that we all might [...]

Taking Your Herbs

by admin

It is my strong belief that herbs are an unparalleled way to get our bodies and spirits into better balance.  That being said, I think that how we take our herbs – our relationship with the herbal tea itself – can help this transformation happen faster (or not). I will explain by using an analogy. Imagine [...]

Allergy Tips, Part II

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I hope my fellow allergy-sufferers have been finding some relief with the dietary recommendations suggested last week.  I know that when I am careful about my diet, my allergies certainly improve!  So what else can one do to curtail the sneezes, sniffles, and stuffiness?  Today I will examine the world of supplements. Supplements: Quercetin is an [...]

Allergy Tips

by admin

If you’re anything like me, you have started feeling the effects of spring – the sneezing, itchy eyes, drippy nose, and sinus pressure all too familiar to those of us who suffer from allergies.  Today’s topic is how to strengthen your system, so allergies are not as big of a deal.  (I’ll be heeding my [...]

Our First Blog!

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Hello and welcome to Sustainable Health’s very first blog!  I wanted to have a forum to share information with all of you.  Please remember that information is shared in all directions – I would love to hear your thoughts and responses to my posts. I will be sharing information and ideas such as articles on [...]